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I know now, without a doubt, Kingdom Hearts...


Kingdom Hearts Randomn-- oooh, shiny!
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Welcome to khrandom, home of the Good Burgerall things random and Kingdom Hearts-related! As of now, we don't need no stinkin' rules, other than the standard. Act right, more or less, and I won't have to come over there! And yes, we are yaoi/yuri/het/pervy friendly! :D
New: Be kind and post any major KH2 spoilers behind a cut. For great justice!

"I", by the way, is profsparky. I own you. soralover also owns you, but she didn't type up the community info, now did she?

So, yeah. Post away, minionsmembers!

EDIT: As of now, NO RP ADS unless they are of a cracky nature/in the spirit of this community. Roleplaying in posts here is cool, though. Thank you.

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